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It's a hot autumn night and the birds are starving.

Defeat enemies in a procedurally generated dungeon, zap them with your lightning, and survive through the night! 

Remember that DEATH IS NOT THE END. Continue to upgrade your skills each play through and don't give up. 



  • WASD: Movement
  • Left Click: Place lightning rod
  • Right Click: Lightning attack
  • Spacebar: Call back lightning rods


This game was lovingly put together by Team Carrot Soup for Texas Game Jam 2021! Winner of 'Best Visuals' and runner-up in 'Best in Show'

Programming - Robert Guan (@Stronk_Tenk), Noah Sotolongo (@mangosaucedev)

Audio - Ále Acevedo (@officialguey), feat. Remi Cooper (@prinxess_pie)

3D Art - Wade Bribach (@wmingb), Jake Nguyen (@jayk_nugget)

2D Art - Leah Liu (@leahxliu)

Tech Art - Terry Nguyen (@deth2loremonger)


Get the OST here

Nature noises were sampled from the National Park Service. All other assets were made fully by the team.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and enjoy!


BBatFL_Windows.zip 65 MB


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very fun game. It's an interesting way to fight, not often used by game designers.